Just got my HH Safari yesterday and got it setup in back yard. I have a couple of questions if ya wouldn't mind helping me out on. I first set this thing up by the book. I would get the ridge line level and I would pull as tight as I could, but maybe my a$$ is heavier than I think cause I would always end up an inch or two from the ground . I would set this thing as high as I could reach but still it would stretch out. Now I know you all aren't packing mini step ladders with ya.... So to day I went to tractor supply and got a couple of those rings being discussed and set it up that way. It is better but still stretching. Its not moving or sliding on the ring...just the cord is stretching...Here are a couple of pictures to show what I have maybe you can see if I am doing anything wrong...

here is rings and knot on the one end

How the setup is

How comfortable it is till it stretches