I've been considering acquiring a hammock with an integrated bug net, though right now not sure if I'll purchase or DIY. Though I have seen close up pictures of the ends / whipping on the BB I have never closely inspected one in person. The ends appear to be a channel that has been cinched down with the suspension larks headed just behind it, is this correct? The reason I ask it that of the two hammocks that i regularly use are of the channel end type (ie. GT, ENO) with a SRL of approx 85% measured from the point where the chain links exit the channel. The BB has a body measurement of 120" with a 100" SRL, but since the suspension is larks headed behind it doesn't that effectively shorten the body measurement of the hammock while increasing the hammock length to ridge line ratio? While just laying in a hammock with a SRL of 83-87% is comfortable but my "sweet spot" seems to be with a SRL of 85% and my back will tell me whether or not I found it when i get up in the morning.