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    Insulated bridge idea/looking for suggestions

    I am currently using a bridge made based on Grizz's videos and have also made a primaloft underquilt for it. I decided to taper the width at the foot end of my current hammock which made the midsection a bit on the skinny side, so I've been wanting to make another for a while. After using my setup a few times, I'd like to be able to set up camp a little quicker and have seen where some of you have integrated insulation with the hammock body so its ready to go once the hammock is hung.

    I'm wanting to stick with the Primaloft since I'm familiar with it and am happy with my current loft/warmth. I've been thinking for several days now how to account for the stretch of the nylon body so I don't compress the outer shell. I'm thinking of making the hammock body first and rolling wide bias tape that will protrude out of the rolled hem that I can later attach the quilt to. In doing this, I can get the hammock to where I can take measurements, lay in it and let it stretch and let someone take the measurements of the stretched hammock. Then I can attach the Primaloft to the outer shell cut to the size of the stretched hammock plus allowance for loft and seam. after that I will simply attach this to the bias tape(good sides together with PL out) and then turn it inside out. After that attach the endcaps to neatly close off the head and foot ends. Another thing I was thinking was to do the quilting loops only on the outer shell before assembly that way I wouldn't have any knots or threads to snag from inside the hammock.

    I'm looking to see if any of you have any suggustions on a better method or any reasons this may not work.


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    When I made my bridge, I did something similar to your idea - I added a 3" wide piece of nylon, rolled into the sides hems. I then sewed the underquilt to that. It worked out extremely well and is my warmest hammock(out of 7 or 8 I've made).

    If the underquilt is made to the same size as the hammock, I found that the underquilt needs to be attached about 1 to 1-1/2" below the side hem to be close, but not stretched. It took a couple tries to get it just right.

    For a while, I had a length of Velcro covering about half of one side. If I was too warm I could loosen that section and vent. I found that I didn't use this much and ended up removing it, but it's something you may want to think about.

    I've also made a summer bridge with little grosgrain loops sewn in all along the side seams. I made a light down underquilt and put loops on the sides, between the hammock loops. Then I use some thin shock cord to lace the UQ to the hammock. It works well enough for a summer set-up.

    I've found, with either method, there's no need to attach the head or foot ends.

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    I made a DIY bridge hammock and DIY underquilt. I made the underquilt so that it is about the same shape as the hammock. It is suspended from four corners with shock cord to keep it tight. The insulation is climasheild.
    I made the quilt over a round form by draping the layer next to the hammock on the form. Then placed the layers on insulation over that layer. Then I placed the bottom layer of the quilt over the insulation. I then used quilting thread to quilt the layers together, loose so as not to compress the insulation. Then I pined the top and bottom layer together on the edges and ends, leaving some slack. Last step was the sewing the edges and loops for the suspension.
    I leave it attached to the hammock and place it all in the stuff sack. It could be removed as it is held on with small carbines.
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