So I just finished my third bridge hammock. This was my first one using 1/2 webbing along the edges and my first time not using some really heavy material. The first one used denim and the other used some heavy duty canvas from some military transport bag. The first two were really comfortable and very balanced. I didn't feel like I would tip out at any moment. Both hammocks used bamboo for the spreader bars. See picture below:

IMG_3509 by pappy2012, on Flickr

This latest hammock I took ski poles and modded them for the bars. On my latest hang I hung it tight and I felt like I was going to tip over every time I moved and it also felt like it was leaning to one side. I didn't think to loosen the hang before I had to pack up and leave and my friend suggested that my tight hang could have been the problem. My question for those who have made DIY Bridge hammocks is have you run across this before and what was your solution to fixing the problem? below is a picture of how I attached the pole to the hammock.

photo-8 by pappy2012, on Flickr