Hello everybody,

The dreaded "newbie first time set up" question! Here goes:

I've had an HH Ultralight Backpacker now for a few months and been too busy to set it up until today. It was a challenge. I see the instructions don't mention "civil engineering degree not included."

I can see where a newbie could get hung up on (no pun intended) the figure-8 and 2 half-hitches lashing. That isn't my problem though. My problem are the Tree Huggers. The ones that came with it are so small, they don't fit around anything but the smallest trees. Now I'm not a big fella. But I'd rather hang my hammock around a substantial tree. I think it would be more secure and less stressful on the tree. And even if I didn't care, the small Tree Huggers that came with it aren't long enough to go around any of the trees in my yard.

One possibility of solving this problem is just to order longer replacement Tree Huggers from HH, and hang per manufacturer's recommendations. Another possibility may be ordering the JRB Tri-Glides. And another possibility may be a third option I haven't thought of yet but maybe you have.

What's your recommendation?

Thanks for your help,