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    I also tested a pillow case I made with grommets added to the top corners. I used flannel for the cloth. It was soft and warm. It was tied with a knot that I could slide and I was able to adjust it while laying in the hammock
    I don't underconstubble what the adjustment is for?

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    Thanks Ray for the help with the photo's.

    [Quote: I had that happen at dolly sods with a forum hang got woke up with a hell of a scream at 2 am was a pack a coyotes right across the creek from us .]

    kinda shocking to have that happen when out in a hammock (Bear Burrito).

    [Quote: I don't underconstubble what the adjustment is for?]

    I didnt have the cord length set so I made it adjustable. That was the first time I slept with it attached, It's so much nicer not having it slide to my butt every time I sat up. Once I have the length set I may fix the cord. Right now I just car camp so grams are not an issue (I'm not a gram weenie, yet).

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