I've been a member of HF for over a year and like most on here I've learned a ton - suspension, insulation, hang angle, tarp assistance. You name it and the great folks here offer sage advice. We've got the veterans like Grizz, comedians like Shug and innovators like Dutch. But, over the last few days I was in the dark. My "Donating Member" status lapsed and I didn't realize it. I was missing so much in the other threads that my anxiety kicked up until I came to my senses and donated again.

This is the important part for all you noobs. When you donate a few things happen:
1) Grizz gets smarter and you can actually understand his math.
2) Shug is even funnier and he'll attend you're area's group hang.
3) (I know this last one is hard to believe) Dutch gets even easier on the eyes.

If you don't donate, you'll miss all that.

So there it is, spend a few bucks and donate. It is a simple and effective way to give back to this great community for which we gain so much. And, did you know that the moderators volunteer their time and effort? Personally, they do an outstanding job.

You can become a donating member for as little as $10. $10! That's like a half-cup of Starbucks coffee, lunch, spare change you find in your pocket. It isn't that much of a sacrifice folks, so how about it?

This is my official challenge to all noobs; gather up your pennies and under the User CP link, down at the bottom under Miscellaneous you'll see Paid Subscriptions. Click that and show this forum the love that's been given to you.