I'm in the early planning stages to hike the Northern section of the Tuscarora Trail (Darlington Shelter to Hancock, MD) in May 2012. (I'm hiking the Southern Section in the Fall, 2012)

I have the latest guide book to the Northern Section, and map for the lower 1/2 of this section. The map covering the upper 1/2 of this section is currenlty being revised. I hope to have this before May, but the guidebook will get me along just fine too.

Now I'm looking to see if anyone here has any experience with hiking this trail. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

The one question I have right off is resupply. It looks like I can easily walk into Spring Run, PA to a grocery and restaraunt. I may drive up and take a look before heading out on this hike, just to make sure it's still open and carries what I'm looking for.

Again, any info would be greatly appreciated!