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    Question ridgeline

    i would like to put a structural ridgeline on my hammock but am not fully sure how to put it on my hammock, i have a ring buckle suspention any tips would help

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    Just for an example of one way to do it, on a WBBB, the Structural Ridge Line has a loop on each end. The suspension line passes throught the eye of the loop, where it wraps aroung the gathered end. In this situation, both the suspension link and the SRL are 7/64 Amsteel. I suspect you could do the same with your Traveller.
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    So I had the same question - and here is the thread

    I'm guessing you have the ends whipped - so you need to open that back up and put about a 12-15 inch piece inside each end (that's where you attach the ridgeline)

    I used an adjustable ridgeline and used the knots illustrated - the taut-line hitch is the one that moves so you can adjust it - just attach the ends of the taut-line on both ends (the ridgeline) and make the bowlines come from those 12-15 inch have the bow-line hitch.

    Then all you have to do is put/make a knot on the end of the 12-15 inch rope that is outside of the hammock.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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