I've been looking all day at various bridge designs, trying to get my design set in stone so I can take advantage of some downtime this week and get the sewing done. I keep hearing about how insanely flat the BMBH is, but I'm not finding a lot of really high quality photos, and the ones I'm finding seem a little odd.

The straps along the sides don't appear to have hardly any sag or curve in them at all. Of the now three bridge hammocks I've built, the more curve there was, the flatter they were. Are they just hanging the thing with very little sag (a ton of tension?) for purposes of taking photos, thus pulling all the sag out, or is there really that little difference between the ends and the middle of the hammock width wise?

Does anybody with a BMBH have the rough fabric width measurements I could use to try and wrap my head around their design? Are they doing anything really revolutionary that nobody else is doing?