I'm a newbie. Heck, I don't even have a hammock yet. I'm used to tent and tarp camping, but I sat in a friends homebrew hammock and, surprisingly, it held my weight and it was mighty comfy! So, I'm saving my pennies and looking to buy me a Warbonnet (likely the gathered variety, though the black flies and mosquitoes may make me reconsider). I'm a fair-ish weather camper, as well. I don't like going out in the winter for staying overnight (dayhiking/hunting I do, however), so I don't immediately see a need for an under quilt, but I do have my eye on an JRB top quilt which can serve as an under quilt as need be. Then again, I do have my woobie...

I'm not exactly an ultralight kinda guy. I use a Frost River summit pack because I like the aesthetics and fit, for example. I am, I guess, more of a minimalist - though, I have my moments of indulgences.

Anyway, talking too much here for a "hello!"