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    Down UQ #2: 2- 1/2" loft with 20* Temperature rating
    Just posting the design plans for my second D.I.Y project, a down UQ, hopefully it may help someone. My first UQ met my expectations quite well. I've tested it to temps that went as low as 27* so far, and was was comfortable (not toasty, but definitely workable) It had 2 layers of IX and one layer of 6.0 Climishield within a 1.1 ripstock nylon shell.
    Finally took the plunge and built up my confidence to work with down for this project. I was hesitant for a while because of the high cost of the down material. I used , 9 ozs of 900 down, and total weight came out to be 1lb 4 ozs, as compared to the 2 lbs. 8 oz on the first UQ (Big difference when you're trying to cut weight and backpack volume and capacity.
    The image below shows the 2 1/2" baffles inside the Nylon shell.

    Here's the link for the process that i used to construct this project.
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