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As for a location in Algonquin Park. I will throw out the recommendation of the Mike's that we met at Valens. That is the Old Railway Bike Trail with access via the Pog Lake Camground. I like that it is a relatively flat trail with only a couple of hills to contend with. Looking at the Google Maps of the area, the Old Railway Bike trail is pretty close to the Madawaska River and after a short distance hits the top end of Whitefish Lake and is about a 2km trek in (roughly).
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Brian, I did the Highland Trail last year dragging a toboggan with my hot tent, stove and gear. The hills nearly killed me. On the way back, I came across that bike trail. I took it back to the Mew Lake campground. So the bike rail is definitely a good idea. It is fairly flat and will take us back as far as we want. It's a good trail.
Both points are well taken. Algonquin's bike trail sound's perfect. My only request would be to camp near a lake, northwest end please, for both the view and easy access to water using my unpowered hand auger. One of the Mike's, the one in the photo, mentioned that they'd be heading north of Hwy 60 to Source Lake.

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Is the date set for sure? I have to let my boss know so she'll approve my leave. Oh, and I also have to take the time off at work.
As far as the date goes, I just threw it out there as the first reasonable weekend to head up, and so far, no one's chimed up as to anything different. Let's give it to the end of this weekend before we fix it.

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I do want to go to this... But I think that I'm out of vacation until MAHHA... Those Fridays sure do go though the vacation time quick.

I'll look into it but I think i'm shot for anything not encompassed by a weekend.
Algonquin's a bit of a long drive for an overnighter, but I don't expect we'll have headed too far into the bush. We'll definitely have a spot by the fire ready for you if you could make it!!