Hey guys,

I'm new here, and just have some questions. Last, I was backpacking with some friends, slept one night in my friend's Doublenest, and decided I was going to start hammocking. I finally got around to buying an ENO system -- I purchased a Singlenest, the slapstraps Pro, the dryfly, and I even bought some lightweight climbing biners for it.

After doing all this, I found out about the Hennessy Hammock, did some research, and discovered how AWESOME it is. Now, I am strongly considering returning my ENO and everything to REI, spending about 20 bucks more, and buying an HH.

I assembled some pros and cons. I am probably wrong in a lot. Also, my primarily intended use is backpacking.

-Easy to set up
-Weight limit of 400 lbs means it can hold two people
-Seems more comfortable as a chair
-Seems better suited to quick and easy set up just for chilling

-No bugnet
-When you put everything together, it is over four lbs
-Uses multiple stuff sacks
-Slap straps stretch a lot. A lot.
-Slap straps have fixed hanging points
-I tried to put a thermarest ridgerest in it, and it didn't work that well

-Really lightweight (I'm going to get the ultralite backpacker model)
-Snakeskins seem cool
-Lying diagonal is supposed to be more comfortable
-One stuff sack
-The double bubble pad

-Lower weight limit
-Rain fly looks like it may not cover that much
-It seems maybe difficult to set up?

As I am a backpacker, the weight matters quite a lot to me. Additionally, I am worried about how well the rainfly works, and also how well the double bubble pad works. Anything you can tell me about what I am right or wrong about, which one you consider better and why, pros and cons, and the rainfly or the pad would be GREATLY appreciated!