This is not an official Colorado Winter Hang.

Now that the snow has arrived to Colorado I am thinking of doing a weekend hang in South Park Colorado.

It will basically be this trip. see picture link

January 27th-29th. Friday thru Sunday

Friday- hang in closed campground next to Kenosha Pass parking lot.
This would allow you to arrive late(even after dark) after work on Friday.
Plenty of fire wood will be provided so you'll just need to set up your hammock that evening.

Can't miss this parking lot it's at the peak of Kenosha Pass (Trail Head to Colorado Trail seg 6) If you look West you are looking at the campground entrance gate.

Saturday move camp to the South Park Overlook. (not an official name)
~1 mile hike West on CT and 1/4 mile South off the trail.
This camp is woods camping no facilities just one awesome view of South Park valley.

Saturday will be a free for all.
Day hike the area (see pictures) Hike East on CT seg 5.
Hike West on CT seg 6.
Hang out in camp and whittle with your knives.

Sunday get up and head home or hang out and do some more exploring.

Hope you can join me would love the company.