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This event has been on my mind a lot the past few weeks, mostly thinking "how can I make this work?" Sadly, I don't think I can this time either.

Part of it is gear, and I've noticed how generous everyone has been with offers to lend, but sadly it's not just hammock gear, but also things like boots and jackets. Combine all that with my newbishness and that I have my 14 year old son this weekend (and he has even less cold weather gear than I do - I blame his mother) just makes it all seem insurmountable.

Come spring/summer/fall though, and I'm all over it, and hopefully I'll be able to use that time to build my winter gear supply and join everyone for one or two of these next year.
Hi Werespaz,
I could probably outfit you both with winter clothing.
I don't have any spare under quilts for an overnite.

You two could come up Saturday morning and day hike the area with us.
You've seen the picts It's even better than that.

I'm not exactly sure when we will break camp at the campground and start hiking up to the overlook to find camp #2 but it won't be too early.
Food is driving up Sat morning.