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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Jeff View Post
    Yeah, but you're already working on those DIY skills...

    And I hope my kids never want ANYTHING that's sour apple green and maroon.
    Obviously you dont have girls....or at least not ones that are "Pre-teens" (Life is getting hard - for me).

    I hope I get the time for Black Bishop to teach me. Was looking good for this week, but I may have to bail on that plan. BD
    Just Jeff made me do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Jeff View Post
    Somebody on yahoo had the whole door frame come crashing down on him and his daughter, and he ended up with stitches. It'll be pretty funny to have the bolts/hinge stay connected to the frame...but have to open the door to get out of the hammock, as it lays flat on top of you like in a cartoon.

    Please post videos instead of pics for this one...

    that was me
    Nothing bleeds more than a good head wound
    I was just so so so!!! thankful that I was sitting up and took the brunt of the impact. My daughter only caught her arm. very minor. She was only 2 I think when that happened. Could have been a whole lot worse.

    All said and done though ... what words of wisdom could I possibly impart?!?
    .. well .... let me tell you how absolutely impossible it is to replace a 21" french door with a 5" back-set and
    mahogany 100yr old trim.

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