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Great review Shug! That snipe looks mighty comfy! Like the idea of the shock cords, hate having my sleeping bag fall out, tried sleeping in a GT ultralight, had a hard time sleeping, kept thinking I was falling out! Dig the boomerang, haven't played with one of those in years. Good idea chucking it on the lake, something to do while icefishing!
Boomerang is perfect on an icy lake! Yes...the Snipe truly is.

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that was awesome! very cool!
Wilderness Logics Rocks!
I know you are a big proponent)))))) I like it.

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Another great one Shug. I've been thinking about another hammock, I think I'm going to mosey on over to their website and give them a look.
Worth a looky-see for sure.

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Gosh darn it Shug. I had the numbers for my next DIY bridge hammock completely set. Was going to start sewing tomorrow. That Snipe looks so darn flat, I think I'm going to have to scrap it and see what sort of magic I can work with a gathered end now.

I've only test two or three gathered end hammocks, but I've never been in one that lays anywhere near that flat.

Can you see anything in particular in that design that makes it so bloody flat? Where's the magic?
I think the magic is in the length.

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Snipe sniped at Traveler,
but weight and compactness,
saved the day,
for my wallet.

Maybe, just maybe.

Travelers seek Snipes.
Wallet secure.

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Thanks for a look at that purdy hammock Shug. You mentioned "tricking" out your Snipe so I can't wait for the "Pimp My Snipe" vid.
More than likely on a Trip Report video.......

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Finally - a gathered end that does something to justify costing over $100.

I still can't see any real difference between a $100 Traveler and a $20 GTUL - but the Snipe is really cool. Never even considered WL for a hammock because their site didn't do nearly as clear of job of explaining the features as this video does. Now I might. They need to put you on the payroll Shug.

He's a clown! He's the toughest man alive!

He's..... An Ad man?
Ad Man for the Independent Small Biz.

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Great review! Just another thing to add to the list of gear to get.
Worth a look for sure if looking for a simple open top hammy.....