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    if we could see some pics we could help!

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    wow i was just laying in my hammock last night thinking about the whipping concepts you mentioned in the first post. I use my hammock as my everyday (night rather) sleep system indoors and i have the same ridge issue i think. I've played with the whipping, pulling the sides our more and whatnot, i find i get either too much bathtub, or to much flat board down the middle with 'pockets' to either side. I'm not an engineer, but i'm thinking of making a new hammock with the cut ends like you posted to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hutzelbein View Post
    ...When I was experimenting with whipping, I found that pulling the outsides of the fabric into the whipping creates more of a bathtub shape. Has anybody ever tried doing the opposite and cut the hammock body concave? Like this:

    Yes, I had the same thought a few weeks back and gave it a try. I also tried an asym cut.

    I didn't actually cut the fabric, I just whipped the ends with the sides let out farther then the center, and you can easily try the same thing. Just go to your local fabric store and get a 12' long piece of ripstop. You don't even have to do any sewing or cutting to experiment with different hammock body lengths and shapes. Just gather the ends to simulate the cut you are interested in, whip it in place and larkshead the suspension to it.

    In my trial, I let the edges out too far and they provided no support. It was like laying (or attempting to lay) on a 12" wide hammock. Not a pretty picture. I suggest starting by only letting the edges out 1-2 inches.

    Let us know your results. Thanks

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