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    Seams in a Gathered End Hammock

    I'm watching Shug's Snipe review video with envy this morning, pondering how I might go about making a gathered end that lays that flat. It seems the biggest factor in its crazy flat lay is how wide the fabric is, a full 56".

    I was planning on starting a new hammock today (bridge) but after seeing this video, I'm inclined to give a gathered end a try. Trouble is, I can't find any nylon or polyester at the local fabric store that's 56" wide. My first thought is to sew together two pieces to get the desired width, but the seam down the middle of the hammock worries me. It isn't going to stretch as much as the fabric around it does.

    Have any of you tried this? If so, what experience can you offer? Would it be better to use polyester, since it should in theory stretch a bit less than nylon?

    One option I considered was actually sewing two narrower pieces to a wider piece, say two strips 10" wide, one on each side of a 36" wide piece. I hope that isn't too confusing an explanation. Thoughts?
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