The temps have finally dropped so it resembles winter in New Jersey, and I'm itching to test out my gear in low temps. Tonight's low is predicted to be 21 degrees in the Pine Barrens, so I'm planning on a quick overnight. Temps are gonna warm up soon so this might be the last chance in a while to enjoy a little winter. Anyone who wants to come is welcome to join.

I keep trying to get my 12-year-old son to join, but my wife has convinced him that camping in sub-freezing temps in a hammock is seriously insane and constitutes child abuse. Word to the wise - never marry an urban dweller who thinks that roughing it is sleeping at a Red Roof Inn.

I'm planning on arriving at Batsto Village before 4 pm on 1/14 to get my permit, and hiking 4 miles to Mullica River wilderness campsite. I've never been there, and some of the hike is likely to be in the dark.

On the return to Batsto, I might get froggy and try to get a little burn in by hiking 8 miles back. I'll head north 2 miles to Quaker Bridge, then take the Batona Trail to Batsto Lake trail back to Batsto Village.