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    Webbing Suspension

    Cool A realistic look at suspension weights

    Disclaimer: The subject matter you're about to read is taken from my own systems and observations. I am not trying to condemn or advocate one system over another. I was just simply curious as to what I was really saving in weight between the two different systems I have. I am not going to discuss preferences, likes, dislike, fiddle factors or any of the like, I am just simply giving you what I came up within my "research"

    I did not have commercially available whoopie slings so I am going off the weight of my DIY ones. They are 6ft when fully extended (Hence I call them 6ft whoopie slings) and took about 14ft of 7/64 amsteal grey to make, each.

    I just use the loops that the suspension comes with, to affix them to the trees, but I will put in the weight of Dutch Clips in the end for comparison purposes.

    My scale is accurate to +/-.02 grams

    A (set) means two...which is what one needs to suspend their hammock from the trees.

    Test 1: Stock Warbonnet Suspension

    WB 12ft Tree Straps 5 1/4oz....148grams (set)

    WB Triangle ring things (amsteal loops still attached) 1oz....30grams (set)

    WB total weight of items: 6 1/4oz....178 grams

    ***This is what it would take to hang your hammock and what Brandon provides when you buy a hammock from him ***

    Test 2: DIY Whoopie/Strap Suspension

    6ft Tree Straps 3 3/8oz....94grams (set) (I just took some spare WB straps and cut them down)

    DIY 6ft Whoopies 1 1/2 oz....44grams (set)

    Dutch Buckles (in place of marlin spikes/toggles) 5/8oz...16grams (set)

    DIY Total weight of items 4 5/8oz....130grams

    Difference between the two systems: 1 5/8oz....48grams

    Dutch Clip weight would add an extra: 7/8oz....26grams (set) to each system if you wanted to use them in place of above said suspension system.

    ***Side note***My tree straps I got with a new hammock I just received in the mail (review coming soon) comes with 6ft6in poly straps and they weigh 3 1/8oz....88grams....The hammock came with 6ft whoopies as well, but they are attached to the hammock itself. ****

    So there ya go, that's the results/facts from my laboratory. And I hope you get the point I am trying to not making a point one way or the other. YMMV
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