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    I just had an A-HA moment. I posted elsewhere about the dilemma between using 2 Flyz or 1 Flyz and 1 Dutch Hook. I like the ease of the hook but sometimes need the adjustability of the Flyz on each end.

    I have yet to try it, but I figured a simple solution might be the following;

    Set Tarp Flyz on both ends (closer to the tarp as is always recommended). Then put a Dutch Hook on each end of the line. When setting up simply loop your line around the tree as in past, but then, instead of connecting at the tree, hook the line above (closer to the tarp) your Flyz. If you then find a need to adjust your line (to relocate the tarp) you have two options: either tension using the Flyz as a cleat or make your adjustment be sliding the Flyz up the line.

    In essence the Flyz now works as a sliding stopper for the hook, or as a tensionable cleat.

    Is this new? Is it clear? Will it work? More importantly, will it earn me a Nobel Peace Prize? I'd kill for one of those.
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    It'll work

    I was also thinking about using two Tarp Flyz on my ridgeline, and I'm sure the concept would work.

    If your using separate lines tied to the peak tieouts, using two Flyz should make positioning the tarp very easy.

    For me... I'm using a CRL, so I'll simply wrap one end of my ridgeline around the tree and secure it with a Dutch clip or mini biner. The other end will use the Flyz for tensioning. Once the ridgeline is taut, I'll slide my shock-cord prussic's up and down the line until the desired position is achieved.

    Shug shows this method in one of his tarp videos.

    As most on this forum will attest, there's no absolutely right way of doing anything. All that matters is that it works for you and that your a happy hanger'.

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