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    peggy29forever, check out the group hangs thread: "Hangouts, Campouts & Trip Planning" to find one in your area or to organize one. You can also find local hangers in your area & send them a Personal Message to see if they'll meet up with you.

    As far as the warmth, much of the warmth comes from the quilts that you use on top or on bottom. The Clark has some excellent features - I like the NX250. If you get into this enough, you'll likely end up with more than one hammock.

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    Hey Greg, Sure man I would be glad to meet up with you and let you check it out. I own my own business and work from home so my schedule is pretty flexible... I live in Old Cloverdale so maybe we could meet up over in Oak Park so I could set it up for you and let you try it out. I'll send you a PM with my number. You can call or text anytime.... If it is early morning I may not answer right away though because I tend to work late ;o)

    @WADDY Thanks for the info!

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