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    sewing hammock end channels

    I know most people sew 3 parallel stitches when they make their end channel. Would it hurt anything to make 4 or 5 lines of stitches? Would it make it stronger and less likely to fail? Has anyone ever had an end channel fail on them? (I thread the suspension thru the channel like on a claytor) Also, if you made the channel wider, like 4 or 5 inches wide, what would that do? Just kicking around a few ideas here!
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    Making the channels wider would use more fabric. As far as I know that's the extent of that unless you want to use some kind of wicked big line or strap to go through it.

    The multiple stitch lines are essentially for the purpose of redundancy. I don't know any more than three would gain you much assuming you inspect your gear regularly like you are supposed to.

    I've had parts of a stitch line fail but rarely if ever to the point of catastrophic failure before I noticed it.
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