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    First Winter Hike and Hang.

    Went for my first winter hike and hang!
    Definitely one of my new favorite things. This could get addictive.

    While i try to keep the weight of my pack down. I do err on the side of caution. Bringing extra food, fuel, and some clothing.
    During the night i I ended up taking my jacket off and left it bunched up around my head.
    Using the stock tarp was also not the best. Wind was not my friend.
    There was so much snow on the trees, as the wind blew strong snow came down and got between the UQ and hammock. and seemed to penetrate the mosquito net.
    Also i could feel the UQ move in strong winds and have a strange sensation of cold water moving under me. When i put my hand there it was very cool and warmed up quickly with the heat of my hand. So i think it was just the wind removing the heat temporarily.
    I have ordered a winter tarp from HG.-

    Jan 13th Friday. 1 night.
    WM national forest. Great Gulf trail. Clam Rock.
    Highs 20+/- degrees F daytime
    Lows 10+/- Degrees F nighttime.

    UQ- JrB Winter Nest.
    TQ- JrB Old Rgd. Mtn.
    FF Down Booties.
    WM Flash pants.
    FF Volant Jacket with hood
    Wools Socks, EMS thermal pants, Patagonia silk weight top,
    Patagonia R1 Top.

    Things I would Change:
    1, Use winter tarp with doors and lower sides. (on order from HG)
    2, Unstake hammock and see if sides envelope more eliminating drafts in UQ
    3, Maybe use hammock sock/ burrito? needs more investigating.
    4, Use large light weight trash bag to put gear/ pack in under hammock. If pack was hanging it would have been covered in snow.
    5, Bring some neoprene gloves for around camp activity that wont get wet and freeze solid.
    6, Try to minimize condensation. I saw video of Shugs' breath trap. Will need to do more research on that one. My TQ had thin layer of frost on it that was instant water when touched. It never penetrated the bag but, maybe more exposure would not be good.

    Sorry for the long post, but i know from experience the more info the better and the devil is in the details.

    Matt B.
    IMG_3202.jpg IMG_3213.jpg

    IMG_3206.jpg IMG_3212.jpg

    IMG_3192.jpg IMG_3233.jpg
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