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    Ode to Hammock Gear and ArrowHead Equipment

    I'm going to gush a bit.

    Recently I purchased an Incubator and a Burrow from Hammock Gear and a Bear Burrito Oven from AHE.

    I have to say, everyone with these cottage industries must be farmers.

    They are all outstanding in their fields.

    The gear was perfect...and I mean perfect.

    The Incubator and Burrow kept me warm and toasty during my hang at the Caddo Lake hang this weekend. The low for us was between 28 - 30. No problems at all.

    The Bear burrito oven added plenty of heat to my hammock.

    I went to bed early (8:30ish.. very long day..) and slept very sound. I woke up at about 3 am to... water the trees... I thought to myself, "You know, I didn't get as cold as they said it would." Then I unzipped my hammock and stepped outside. Wow!! was I ever wrong. I was very happy to get back to my hammock and get closed up.

    It was another 4 hours before I woke up and another 30 minutes before I could bring myself to get out of my hammock.

    So, Great Job!! Hats off to our wonderful cottage industries. (Respect)
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    Hungry Hammock Hanger Website

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    Don't you just love the workmanship, the perfection of build, the materials they have all worked out in using, the effort that goes into all this great gear we have to buy for us to abuse and use? I know alot of hangers are into DYI'ing their gear, but for those of us that don't have the time or what ever to dyi on our own, we pay alittle more maybe for all this goodness they provide us and to me, its well worth every penny! the workmanship of all this gear is pure class!
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    This weekend I was the lucky winner of a Phoenix three season at the 2nd annual FL hang and put it to good use last night. It was needed! My homemade DIY IX UQ (with an added blanket between hammock layers and several layers of clothes) served me well the night before when the temps got down to 28, but I was getting a little bit on the cool side.

    After winning the Phoenix in the raffle I hustled down to put it on my hammock to enjoy the warmth for my last night there. The temps dropped much quicker that night and I was glad for all of the UQ warmth as the nighttime low hit around 23-24 and my sleeping bag tried to keep up with my new UQ. After getting in I couldn't tell how cold it was any more. Great product, looks nice, works great, love it!

    Next up is to save up for a down TQ!

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    That's great news; I'm not really surprised considering the amount of passion that these guys & gals have for outdoor products.

    I'm glad you got to get out and hang!

    BTW, I really enjoy cooking your meals, the big problem though is hiding enough from the family so I have some to dehydrate, haha.

    Mike G.
    I like to go solo - off trail - immerse myself in the area - explore - eat really well - and make it back home.

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