I'm going to gush a bit.

Recently I purchased an Incubator and a Burrow from Hammock Gear and a Bear Burrito Oven from AHE.

I have to say, everyone with these cottage industries must be farmers.

They are all outstanding in their fields.

The gear was perfect...and I mean perfect.

The Incubator and Burrow kept me warm and toasty during my hang at the Caddo Lake hang this weekend. The low for us was between 28 - 30. No problems at all.

The Bear burrito oven added plenty of heat to my hammock.

I went to bed early (8:30ish.. very long day..) and slept very sound. I woke up at about 3 am to... water the trees... I thought to myself, "You know, I didn't get as cold as they said it would." Then I unzipped my hammock and stepped outside. Wow!! was I ever wrong. I was very happy to get back to my hammock and get closed up.

It was another 4 hours before I woke up and another 30 minutes before I could bring myself to get out of my hammock.

So, Great Job!! Hats off to our wonderful cottage industries. (Respect)