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    1st Annual Oregon Winter Hang (report)

    I took limited photos this time around but im sure some of the others
    will add plenty for you to see


    We had 13 in attendance
    11 Hangers 2 tenters

    Snow was maybe a foot deep and was well packed and icy.
    Beautiful clear day, awesome sky full of stars at night.
    Over night temps only hit 25 degrees.
    The location was FULL of amazing hanging trees.
    Was a nice relaxing time hanging out checking out all
    the different gear people had, and enjoyed a warm fire.
    Lots of good food!


    2 of our hangers had to head out, but we gained Creativekayte that afternoon so now we had 12!
    Clouds rolled in early and by mid afternoon the snow was falling steadily.
    We got word that the forcast had changed and we were expecting a decent amount of
    snow to fall overnight. Both our "tent dwellers" moved into spare hammocks.
    Weird1, Jerry and Creativekayte got them all setup with quilts, tarps and there hammocks.
    We got a fire going with some nice cold beverages, and told stories and usual fire side talks.
    Did an entertaining gift exchange.(I didnt know that they still made Walkmans!).
    Eventually ran out of firewood and headed into our hammocks for the night.
    Overnight temps got down to 19 Degrees.


    By morning we had about a foot of fresh powder!
    Both 1st time Hangers loved sleeping in the hammocks and have been "Converted"
    We all had our breakfasts and slowly started packing up all our gear.
    (Weird1 forgot to eat his special breakfast......)
    Once everyone was packed up we had a group photo and started our Pulk/Pack train back out to the cars.
    All in all was a great time and met some very cool people and new friends.
    Can't wait to get out again sometime soon.

    Strong Man Rip
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