Man I had fun up there. I feel bad I didnt really partake in most of the activities other than stuffing my face(I plan on changing that next year or sooner if some of us meet up for hikes) but I did get a chance to meet with a bunch of you and really get to know them a little better. 21 is the known low for saturday night and MY GOD MY TOES. some things I learned from this weekend.

1:dont think what you have SHOULD get you through, make sure it will.
2:Top Quilts are more complex than they look but have an easy learning curve ( thanks DetailMan for all your help on the subject. It Was awesome meeting you and your family)
3: Dutch Ovens should be mandatory every outdoor based event no matter what the situation
4:Your not a sissy for using heat packs in your socks (I know some of us can attest)
5:Buy a lot of heat packs for your socks
6....well I learned a lot from sitting around you guys with food and that makes me believe that I need to bring a bunch for next time so I will have to make famous(at least in Miami) French Toast.
7: it actually gets cold in florida

Words really cant fully describe the greatness of this weekend other than....


I have a few pics and a video that I plan to post. Ill be spending the next few days picking ticks off me ( found 2 already, little babies are hard to grab) I love Hammock Hangers!