While I was at the Midwest Mountaineering Winter Expo there was a booth where a group was looking for adventurous people from MN to highlight in their film. The documentary will profile four local athletes engaging in extreme, uniquely Minnesotan, sports.

I have no affiliation with the film, I just thought it would be great if they picked one of our fellow MN hangers hiking, hanging and winter camping. Below is a link to the website and where you can make nominations. It looks like they are accepting nominations through April 30th, 2012.



1. Must be 18+.
2. Reside in Minnesota.
3. Engage in an extreme, uniquely Minnesotan, sport.
4. Individuals or groups, but groups must be pursuing a specific goal and operating as a single unit or team.

There is also a extreme video and extreme photo contest where you submit your own videos or photos.