AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Where is winter? This thread is: Tips on staying warm. Have not needed any tips so far way down in north MS. We have only had a very few days where it has got to the mid 20s, and really not even that many nights making it into the 30s. At least not on nights when I could actually get out and test.

So far this year, I have not even used a TQ, and nothing more below than a HHSS single pad. I got some new vapor barrier clothing for Christmas I have wanted to test. So far, that along with fleece or UL Polarguard clothing and balaclavas, inside a HHSS with overcover, has been more than toasty enough for any temps I have been able to test in.

Though apparently the way far north- Alaska- where normal winters are extreme by our standards- are getting record braking snow and pretty cold temps also. I see a forecast high for Wed in Fairbanks of minus 28/Low minus 38. But here? We hit plus 39 tonight( I think the low was in the 52 last night), with a LOW of 52 on Wed. Good grief, I had a 38F tease low on my early Oct trip to the Sipsey.

Oh Winter, where art thou?