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    SC People Quick Hang Question

    Hey all you guys and galls.In the middle of planning and getting things going for next years SC FALL SPRAWL and I was wondering if yall could give me an idea about when would be good.

    Last year, we did it (on short notice) September 30-2 and it got a touch chilly. Im trying to narrow down dates here for this years, and id like it to maybe be a touch warmer. so heres what the options are:

    Aug 31- Sept 2
    Sept 7-9
    Sept 14-16
    Sept 21-23 *possibly the weekend of Grayson Higlands in VA*
    Sept 28-30 *this is the closest to last years hang*
    Oct 5-7 (probably a little cooler...)

    im thinking maybe the 14-16 so its a little warmer. ideas?
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    Aug 31 to Sep 3d is good but is Labor Day Weekend. Sep 7-9 is good for me, I have a three day weekend. I'm looking forward to it Rev..
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