DD Travel Hammock is 8'7" x 4'4", or 103" x 52" or 2.7m x 1.45m. Weight on stuff sack lists it as 900 grams (31.75 oz), but a good part of that weight is from the god-awful webbing, which IMO will wick like crazy and is HEAVY. Haven't tested the theory yet, but it's some kind of woven nylon webbing, which also has a little stretch to it. Zippers are good on it, construction/sewing good, and it hangs somewhat flat (not a lot of sag) and very comfortable. It has loops to run a support for the bug net, but no end caps for the supports like some of the custom DIY claytors have. The loops are similar, but not quite the same as these: http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/g...html#post64269

I like my DD. I can set up my Clark faster and it doesn't take as much adjustment, especially the bug net, but it is a very comfortable and roomy hammock. And the pad pocket is basically a second layer of nylon, like my DIY. A double layer hammock. For someone who likes Claytors, I imagine it would be a familiar lay. It is roomy when you get the bug net figured out.