Alright... another quick and dirty trip planned at the original site for this past fall's hang that got flooded out. It is high and dry and should be perfect for this hang! The site is next to a creek so there is a water source and plenty of bugs. It is a 30-40 minute hike in from parking. If you would rather canoe/kayak in then that is a possibility but you will have to make arrangements for shuttling back from the take out spot at the north end of the lake at the county campground. I will get some gps coordinates for the trailhead, the turn to the camp site, the county campground, and the camp site. I'm too busy at the moment but should have them next week.

The site is reserved for February 24-26 but I'm not planning on showing up until after work (I should be at the trailhead by 5:30-5:45) on Friday but you are welcome to make your way in earlier in the day if you would like. I will lead people in at 9 a.m. Saturday morning if you are coming Saturday and want a guide (I will need a hard confirmation on this since I would prefer to not have to hike out and back if nobody shows). I can't promise that I'll be showing up after work on Friday since we are already in a fairly bad fire season and I can't be positive that I'll get off work at a normal hour.

This link will get you directly to the trailhead...

Rucks Dairy Rd. Frostproof FL

Here is the map that I did last time:

It will be primitive camping so bring everything you need. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get any firewood but I will give it my best. I will most likely do a hike on Saturday like last time (minus getting lost) and take everyone down to the lake and to the amazing cypress trees that I showed the last group. I'll probably be leaving around noon on Sunday. I will still probably have a hang on a different area in late March or April so this isn't the last one down here.