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    Wife Borrowed my Burrow

    My long awaited 20* Burrow arrived today while I was at work. Knowing it was due in, I made a call home and my wife metioned the package. She was home recovering from a surgery so I asked her to open it up and try it out for her afternoon nap which she seemed surprisingly upbeat about.

    Well when I got home, she oooh'd and ahhhh'd on and on about it.

    She even came right out and said she'd hang overnight with me once the weather broke. Then I told her about this nice couple that live just a couple of counties south of us who make all this fine gear for a living and how they had even called to see about driving it up to our house so I'd have it for an outing. Yeah, I layed it on kinda thick but I didn't want to waste the moment.

    Oh and any of you guys that got in on that great deal on the Sierra Design down mocs and didn't get a pair for your wife definately missed a great opp to justify a gear purchace.

    I sure hope I get my quilt back before the weekend.

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