So I'm going to redo my guylines on my Superfly, and then carry the idea over to a cuben I hope to be receiving soon, here's the plan:

Going with 9 ft of a sub 2 mil cord with about a 85lb test rating to allow for a pre-tarp weak point. These will have a fixed eye (knotted) in one end for stakes or other attachment options. Going to use prussics on these lines larksheaded to the various tie out points for easy infinite adjustment. I'm pretty comfortable with all that, so here are the "edgy" ideas:
1) I traditionally use a second length of line for "porch modes", but instead I'm going to use a floating prussic for looping over the trekking pole. Between this and the adjustment at the tieout, I think I can use one line for an effective infinitely adjustable porch mode.
2) I rarely just run a guyline to a stake to the ground. Sometimes I tie off to an exposed rock, cam in a big stick, or who knows what. Because of this sometimes I use the last two inches of the line (at the loop) or up to the last two feet of the line just to secure it. Now, I wanted to incorporate some tensioning system, but because of the unpredictability of how much terminal line I use to make the connection, I couldn't come up with a consistently good place to put it in the line. My solution: a floating length of shock cord tied to two prussics attached to the guy line. Adjust the system to where you want it, pull through the main line to just put tension on the shock cord, and voila!

Thoughts from the group? Thanks a ton y'all.