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    DIY winter top quilt

    My latest addition to my homemade gear collection;

    A winter down top quilt

    Laid flat

    Cinched footbox

    Down plug to stop draughts(still to be tied on to the cinch cord end so it doesn't get lost)


    Cinched neck with adjustable cord, the cord loops over my head to stop it moving in the night and make a nice seal.

    The lowdown;

    Warbonnet outdoors winter top quilt clone
    Pertex 4 (very dark) brown shell
    19 oz of 850+ cuin goose down (overstuffed at foot end and head end)
    80" x 50"
    14 x 5.7" chambers
    3" polyester mesh baffles giving 3 to 5" of loft
    Velcro footbox closure
    3mm shockcord cinches
    Gutterman polyester black thread

    This should see me warm down to about 0F/ -20 odd with my current setup.

    I took a while making sure the length was spot on, I think I've succeeded.

    I went for the cinched end over sewn so it's easier to dry round the fire if needed, as it opens up fully. Easier for me to store at home too.

    It stands me at 90 all in, took my slow self 10 hours to make it, including having to unpick and re-stitch one side.

    Onto the next project...........

    Thanks for looking, hope you like

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