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    Which website best for trail journaling?

    My wife and I are leaving about April 15th to hike from Springer to Harpers ferry...about half the AT. Hope to finish the second half next year. We'd like to keep a Trail Journal of our trip.

    I've looked at Trail Journals and Postholer. Both look fairly easy to use. I'll be bringing my Android Incredible as a communication device although I can hardly imagine typing a long journal entry with it. It does have voice email but often makes spelling errors.

    There is also an Audio trail journal web site which looks interesting...all you do is call in and visitors actually hear your voice....don't believe there is any text. Visitors can also leave messages which can be retrieved by phone. I can't recall if there is a pic/video option as well.

    Anyone have any favorites and why? Also, is the cell phone the best/only way to transfer info to the journal. My daughter who is very tech savvy has volunteered to transcribe if necessary.

    Any tips/advice would be appreciated.


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    Hi Miguel,

    I was looking for the same thing last spring. I went with Postholer's as it is you can easily update from an email.

    You won't have connection every day, so you can make a draft email and then upload it with a photo when you have a connection.

    I used a droid as well.

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