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    dang guys it was just a thought did'nt mean to get anything started

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~kev~ View Post
    I am just a visiting site owner, I sure do not want to start any problems. But I do wish this place got more traffic. And with the content this place has - it should be rocking and rolling.
    Now that was very contradicting. Your trying to push a chat room and then you say you want to see more traffic and content. What is traffic going to do to help the web site if the traffic is for a chat room. Without content there will be no traffic. There will also be no content on the site if things are discussed in a chat room. What is discussed in the chat room does not stay on the site where others can read it.

    I have purchased this software that you are referring to for another web site I own. I installed it about a year ago and it got hacked bad and the bandwidth got overused, that was when I removed it and installed another chat program simular to it. I installed chat because my users on that web site insisted that they wanted chat. After the chat was installed then the amount of postings in the forums became less.

    Visit my site, join, make your 5 post (members with less then 5 post can not join the chat room) and try the chat room out, It would give yall a good example of how it works.
    Out of curiosity I would like to know the link to your web site if you don't mind posting it to me in a PM.

    Quote Originally Posted by cavediver2 View Post
    dang guys it was just a thought did'nt mean to get anything started
    No problem. You did not start anything. Thank you for the suggestion. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. If you have anymore then please let us know.

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