I just got my HH Explorer back with triple pull Mod 4, another ridgeline bag, head end stuff sack (with stretchy drawcord which will be wonderful to use, less fiddling) and an extra I hadn't heard requested of them. Awesome job, superb communications throughout.

I'd wanted pockets added at the pullouts to roll up and stash the cords like the HH Monsoon beta I got last October. They were done better than I had imagined they could be. These pockets will also hold a carbon fiber rod bowed over the top to replace the pullouts when the ground is too hard and there isn't enough snow, like we have right now. If the concept works well, I'll write it up with details and photos and a source for material.

Maybe 2Q&ZQ can offer it like the tarp pole pockets if they like the idea and it catches on.

These folks know their stuff and care to do great work. This community is so fortunate to have the likes of Donna and Tim available to them. I know I'm grateful.

Steve J