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    Quote Originally Posted by mbnow View Post
    Rei have some strange pricing.

    I was in the store the other day and saw 1 GT hammock left on a rack. No description, no price tag. Nothing but the hammock in its stuff sack.
    I go to the check out with it and she says... $8.93 !!

    SOLD ! i asked if she had anymore in stock, but no, just online at the outlet.

    WHen i got home i looked it up and it looks like she charged me for the Rope hanging kit by mistake.

    I took off the heavy duty carabiners and added 2 Neutrino ones.

    weight with new biners and hammock 9.5 oz.
    Already looking to add mosquito net for a super light summer hammock.

    You simply won the lottery... the same thing happened to me when I went to Sports Authority and picked up sides that were closeout for Ez up! No price tag - just happened.
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    Its True.. . .

    With all this talk about getting an ultralight I couldn't help myself.

    I now have Hammock #2.

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    Mine came yesterday.

    For a guy that carries a nearly 5 lb. hammock, I thought the box was empty until I opened it.

    Man, that's light!
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