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    See ya, Kentucky Hangers!

    Ok, folks. This is my last post as a Kentucky Hanger. This will probably be my last post until I get moved and set up in Charlotte. Before I duck out of sight for at least a few days, I wanted to take a quick moment to publicly acknowledge a few folks before this whole thing goes down.

    Big E - Thanks for taking me on my very first trip to RRG. You're a great guy, a wonderful hiking partner and I hope to see you at a hike/hang again some time.

    Doctari - Thanks for taking me on my second trip to RRG, introducing me to the aptly-named Rough Trail, and showing me Gray's Arch for the first time. You're also an excellent hiking partner, an all around interesting and cool old guy and it's been a pleasure to count you as my friend.

    HC4U - What can I say, man? You gave me craploads of advice, loaned me gear, taught me how to get started sewing, made a couple gear mods for me, and have been a great friend to have. I'm lucky to have met you and to be able to call you friend. Thanks a million! I'll see you again some time at a Hot Springs or RRG hang, since I'm prety sure those are going to be a regular thing.

    Rigidpsycho - I'm glad we met that day at Wal-Mart, (Hey, there's Hooch.) and got to communicate some. It was totally cool seeing you at the RRG hang this past weekend. We had a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again. Take care of your girls, they're precious! Thanks for being my friend, man.

    To all the folks who came up to Kentucky for the hangs at RRG: my Marine buddy Mule, Grizzly Adams, Cerberus aka Nest, and NCPatrick, thanks for driving out to the middle of nowhere to go hike/hang with us. It's guys like you that I'm proud to call my friends. You definitely made those events absolutely wonderful and enjoyable hangs. Thank you, thank you, thanks you. You guys are great!

    To the NC Hangers: look out baby, 'cause here I come!
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