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    Quote Originally Posted by babelfish5 View Post
    Another great video Shug. You are Shug of the warm stylish socks now.

    I liked that cover over the fire. That Exped hammock looked cool.
    Those socks were so warm for sure. The Exped was right good looking.

    Quote Originally Posted by hangNyak View Post
    Nice video, Shug. We hit 25* at the Florida hang, but that's just a nice summer day for you. When it comes to cold weather we are mere amateurs here in Florida.
    Yeah but that is down-right cold for Florida....glad ya'll got some good chill.

    Quote Originally Posted by jbrianb View Post
    All gear is better when made by hand. Even better when made by the hand of a loved one.

    Southerner that I am, I've never been in temperatures that cold. Coldest temperature I've witnessed was -2 degrees F and I was indoors for that one. The low end of my spend-the-night-outdoors comfort range is about 30 degrees (I call it being Southern, but no offense is taken if you call it being a baby!).

    Great video. Cool shots of the gear, too.
    To true.
    I grew up down South but have adapted to the White North frost.

    Quote Originally Posted by bloomgorge View Post
    Shug - what's the rating on the frank-n-quilt? i'd just like to know so i could compare your sleeping bag + uq to my system.


    Franken-quilt is about 30 to 28.....kept me good and warm underneath for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Callahan View Post
    Ah, got to love the handmade wool socks! Glad to see you made it out, if only for one night. Mighty cold out there, you folks are braver than I!

    I treasure those socks...wearing them now))))))

    Quote Originally Posted by MacGruber View Post
    Great Video Shug! Is there anything that you or your family cannot do? Lots of talent in that family! Thankee Much
    We don't do math or Rubix Cubes very well.

    Quote Originally Posted by wisenber View Post
    Watching that video makes me look over at my wall of down and wonder what I'm doing here working when I could be freezing my feathers off.
    Sorry that you only made one night, that had to hurt leaving that behind.
    At least know one shouted "Is that the best you got!" in the middle of the night...

    Now I get to pack for my work trip next month.
    Looks like it's gonna be a bit chilly there as well with the "high" for the week reaching 0 F.
    Russian Cold-Buttocks, that should be fun.
    It was hard to leave the party for sure.
    Safe Travels.....Безопасные путешествия

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruciehi5 View Post
    You hope it gets down to minus 17! Did you leave your medication at home. lol Here, I hope it doesn't get down to +17C (64F) I’d be scared, I’d be number twoing myself! That was a **** fine fire though, it would have made me happy, for a while! The umbrella over the fire was the second biggest umbrella I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the most enjoyable video Mr Shug!
    My crazy pills stayed home...woulda been crazy not to go at all)))))
    Big parachute over the fire compliments of fourdog and his friend Paul.

    Quote Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
    Bet you pack the PeaPod Walter!
    Shug--excellent because it shows how to double up and get deep temps without use of a pod.
    I too would like to know the rating of the FrankenQuilt AND the sleeping bag you used as pod.
    Very impressive Mac didn't even have a hat on and loved the cover over the fire pit.
    4Dogs rig....who made it? Gotta try one of those!
    Franken-Quilt is good to 30 to 28. My WM bag is a 20.
    Pod system is all good in those temps. My feet were my warmest part on me. Nice.
    fourdog is in an Exped hammock and it looked inviting.
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