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    Quote Originally Posted by exup View Post
    For a minimal coverage tarp, why not just do a 11' x 5' rectangle. It'll be simple to make, fabric comes 65" wide usually, and you'll still have the partial closing doors. I don't see the point of having that extra triangle of fabric on each side, do you need that coverage? Plus with the doors pitched it'll pull the side tarp inward and take up precious space unless pannel pulls are deployed. That means you're using a minimun of 8 stakes, seems like a lot for an asym tarp.

    Very cool idea though. I just think an 11'x5' will weight a good bit less and use less stakes.
    I see your point. The extra triangles actually were for a bit more protection, especially for my backpack, shoes and supplies. I'm a bit skeptical of only having side walls 2'-6"; that seems to be cutting things really close. A serious rain would confine you to staying in the hammock, because there's no coverage outside of it. The triangles also allow for the usage of only two stakes rather than four giving you an advantage for setting up and space limitations. I don't plan to use stakes for the door flaps, I hope to use some 1/8' shockcord and plastic mittens or velcro.
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