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The design, as it is now, should give you about 1' overhang at head and foot when you lay on the diagonal. That should be plenty, but if you cat cut your edges you may lose some needed coverage. Cat cutters beware.

Please post pics of your finished tarp.


Happy Trails.
Thanks for the warning, I'm a bit skeptical about it taking off too much also. I found a formula for cat-cutting that's relatively simple:
Convert the length of a side into inches and multiply it anywhere from 4%-6%. This gives you the apex of the curve. For my particular tarp however, at 5% for the longest side, it takes off 6.3" and 4% took off 5" which is not that much of a difference. For the shorter lenght of the tarp, the reduction is 4.2" That's a scary cut! Anything less than 4% supposedly is not going to be that effective. I'll have to be very careful with this.