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    Grand Canyon North Rim

    Hidee Ho:
    Planing a trip in mid June to the north rim. Any one have any camping experience there ?

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    funny U should ask, If you've never been or if you have it's great. so many less people than south side. Think of southside as DisneyWorld, NR as ur local zoo on a tuesday. I take a 6 or 7 wk trip each year, leave from Santa Fe, NM, head to North Rim to begin trek, will be there mid June made reservations in Dec, be there for a few days, don't think I'm going down this yr, but see how I feel, have gone a couple times on stand by. should be there week of 20th site 36, if you haven't made ur reservations in side campground your welcome to share, no cost. PM if you need more info, jim

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    been there

    At the Grand Canyon South Rim campground, the rules say to take down your hammock during the day. That acknowledges that it is okay to hang there.

    At the North Rim campground, run by a different contractor, I camp far in the back of the hiker/no car campground and rig just before dark. I don't ask, so ignorance is my excuse for hanging there.

    If you are hiking across The Canyon, I doubt that you are allowed to hang on the trees in the Inner Canyon campgrounds. Next time I'm there, I will try to hang from the bridge at the Bright Angel CG in the bottom of the Canyon.

    The entire area is scenic--Lee's Ferry, Vermillion Cliffs, the dam at Page, Bryce and Zion Nat. Parks, it is all good.

    Buy an annual Park Pass to save on the entrance fees to all of those federal sites.

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    North Rim

    Thanks guys, 1st let explain thew why and how were making this trip from Tn.
    My mudder-in-law lives in socal, my firearms are stored there and I need to get them. So we figured a trip out in the van, towing 2 motorcycles to ride in areas we've never rode in before and not likely to see again, was a good idea. That's assuming gas prices don't get out of hand.
    So we started to make plans, loved the look of the GCNR and found out the NR campground outside sites ,7-24 etc., sites looking like you could hang, already booked. So Began looking around that area, Zion, parks in Utah etc. for Nat or state parks suitable for hanging and cool at nite.
    Never been there so it's hard to settle on someplace with out knowing anything about it.
    We'll just keep looking. Not interested in commercial campgrounds but it may come to that.
    Mike n Karen

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    If you are looking at drive up camp grounds consider some kind of stand that you can hang from. If your are pulling a trailer there should be room for a stand.
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    Nth rim

    We are looking for a used utility trailer as we speak, good idea you have to set up something between trailer and van. I am looking for a secluded as possible camping spot, got lot's of good info from BMW, ADV rider and Hammock forums.
    I'll post with my final setup and trip info as we go along.
    Everyone !!!!!!!!!

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    CC, if you want to camp remote(outside park) on the way in from turn off (45 miles) is fireroad 22, A rangerette turned me on to it years ago, it has some great remote spots, I always end up spending a couple nights either b4 or after. also a nat'l forest campground bout 15 miles outside, always has spots, but not all hangable. Anyway if u go once you'll go back. Anything I can help wih let me know, enjoy trip and drive off top of tank. jim

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    Nth rim

    Been on line gathering as much info as I can. can't wait for Gazetteer to get here so i can see some of these out of the way spots.

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