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    Nice vid of Wilson Creek and photos, guys. I had a great time. The tarp was a major save - thanks to all those responsible and all those irresponsible too for thanks matter. Thanks again for the socks WV, they are already amongst my favorites. My walk back to the car ended up being closer to 9 miles than 7 as I chose the west side of the loop it being such a fair day and all. Wilburn Ridge is always a joy and or an adventure. Sun was even out by the time I made it out.
    Hope too see every one next year, rain or snow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonsaihiker View Post
    Had a great time, too. Hopefully a video will follow soon, had some problems with the conversions...

    I have a question for anyone who attended: I just found out I left my alcohol stove, windscreen, and pot stand in the pavillion. Last time I used it was Saturday morning, and I just figured out it was missing. If anyone picked it up, could you please let me know? The stove is kind of special--it's the first one I ever made, and still my favorite. Thanks for the help.
    I picked it up. I can send it all to you if you PM me your address. I was wondering whose it was.

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    Thanks, Patrick.

    I finally finished the video. Sorry, my computer is having trouble keeping up....

    See it here:
    --Scott <><

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