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    Quote Originally Posted by Fronkey View Post
    I got a pair of toggles made from deer antler from a member here (Loneoak).They come with me on the every trip and it's also fun to make knots. Plus, the flexibility is pretty cool too.

    Chuck Norris uses deer antler toggles when he hangs, but the deer are still attached....


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    Whoopies - a must!
    Quote Originally Posted by Swampdonkey View Post
    anyone ever just made a larks head with the tree hugger around the adjustable loop in a whoopie sling? no 'biners or toggles or what have you?
    One isssue with doing that might be that the larks head could bite on the whoopie making the adjustment a little agravating. That is why I ran the adjustable loop through the tree hugger when making that end of the whoopie.

    However, if you are buying the whoopie pre-made, I see no reason not to try it. However, there may be increased wear on the tree hugger from the whoopie sliding on it during adjustment (as mentioned in a previous post). I've decided that for me, this isn't a real concern, but it may be for others. HYOH!

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    didn't even think of looping them through the tree huggers that way when i made the whoopies. guess i'll be ordering some more amsteel. maybe i'll try it that way i said some day, if i can't find something to use as a toggle.

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