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    SOLD: 10th Wonder Green Hornet

    I have a Green Hornet V10 jungle style hammock for sale.

    Similar to a DD or a Claytor.


    I bought it to compare with my DD, and ended up liking the DD better, so...

    It is in "AS NEW" condition.

    I have upgraded to whoopie sling and drip ring suspension.
    [NOTE] The drip rings also provide a place to tie off the shockcord
    for the mossi netting and eliminates an extra overhead line. Plus
    you can attach a ridgeline easily to these rings if you desire.

    It is a double layer with full zipper access to insert a pad.

    Double zip on one side for entry/exit.

    Fabric feels very good to the skin, construction is excellent.

    Comes with a waterproof undercover [pictured laying on the ground
    and attached to the hammock in separate photos] that attaches with velcro.
    The undercover has a deliberate "dead air space" that is useful in warmer
    conditions to help insulate. [NOTE] The undercover comes with straps and
    can be used as a separate stand alone hammock.

    Has aluminum spreaders for the net and includes a stuff sack.

    [NOTE] NO tree huggers included.

    BTW, I am 6'2" and have PLENTY of room to stretch out!

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    I'm curious, would this be considered a Bridge style hammock?
    Also what's this puppy weigh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sappy View Post
    I'm curious, would this be considered a Bridge style hammock?
    Also what's this puppy weigh?

    It is considered a "cinched" end [as opposed to a gathered end] I think. Definitely NOT a bridge.

    Weight is 2.6# in stuff sack less waterproof undercover.

    Weight is 3.8# in stuff sack WITH waterproof cover and straps for same.

    Could shave a little more weight with shorter whoopies, lighter drip rings, and removing the extra sewn webbing strap that is attached to the drip rings.

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    Price reduction...

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    NOTE: I can take the whoopies off if you want to use your own straps and make it $100.00 shipped.

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    Friday bump.

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    The Green Hornet is sold pending funds. Thanks fer lookin.

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